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About Us

PD. Bintang Sakti is a distributor company that provides wood-based sheets or as known as Plywoods, gypsum board, and other complementary products in building material. Our products range from Plywood, Fancy Plywood, MDF, Block Board, Melamine Board, other types of wood-based sheets, HPL, formica, gypsum board, glue and nail. We are serving local market in all Indonesia area.

Bintang Sakti always prioritizes quality and commitment to customers and suppliers. Growing that mindset in the organization, our quality and commitment have gained trusts and good cooperation with our business partners. It have been proven by our customer base all around Indonesia, and also our partnership with several Plywood factories in Indonesia such as PT. Pundi Uniwood Industry, PT. Intraca Manufacturing, PT. Sumber Graha Sejahtera, PT. Panca Usaha Palopo Plywood, PT. Tanjung Raya Plywood, PT. Mujur Timber, PT. Alas Kusuma, PT. Kayu Lapis Indonesia, and many more. For Gypsum board we are importing the product directly from Japan with a brand very well known in Japan for its quality, Yoshino Gypsum.


PD. Bintang Sakti was established in 1975, providing building materials with Plywood as the main product. The company is steadily growing with headquarters and retail store in Pinangsia, Jakarta. Currently, Bintang Sakti has one main warehouse located in Kapuk, Jakarta, but as the company keeps expanding, we have just finished constructing a new warehouse located in Cipondoh, Tangerang, that is much bigger than the warehouse in Kapuk, intended to provide more variety products for our customers and more readiness in terms of product stock.


Plywood Raw Materials

Sampai saat ini plywood atau triplek buatan Indonesia masih merupakan salah satu yang terbaik. Itu dikarenakan kualitas kayu dari pohon-pohon yang tumbuh di Indonesia tergolong sangat baik. Didukung dengan situasi iklim di negara kita yaitu iklim tropis, banyak terdapat sumber kayu yang didapat dari hutan-hutan di Indonesia. Namun seiring berjalannya waktu dan semakin pentingnya konservasi …



Pinangsia 2 No.4A , Jakarta, 11110, Indonesia


Jl. Mangga Ubi Raya No. 18A, Kapuk, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Phone: +62 (0) 21 6266828 / 6263395

Fax: +62 (0) 21 6907902

Email: bintangsakti@plywoodindonesia.com / romariodsentosa@gmail.com